How to Become a member of Kenyan Peasants League (KPL)

All Kenyan Food Producers and Consumers:

1. Who believe in Peasant Agroecology, Peasant Feminism, Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty are eligible and automatic members

2. Who believe that Food Producers have a right to a decent life including having access to Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education and Clean Environment among others are eligible and automatic members.

<犀利士5mg p>3. Who subscribe to the struggle against Climate Change; Patriarchy, Capitalism; Free Trade, Debts; Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA); Transnational Corporations (TNCs); Oppression, Agribusiness; Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); Commodification; Chemical Pesticides, Herbicides & Fertilizers, are eligible and automatic members.

4. Who are dissatisfied with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO) and believe that they should be disbanded are eligible and automatic members

5. Who believe in the power of organized Food Producers and Consumers for Food Sovereignty and and Climate Justice are eligible and automatic members.

6. Who believe that Kenya is ours all of us and all of us have a responsibility to eat Healthy Food produced Organically for Safety of Current and Future Generations are eligible and automatic members  

You can become a member of the Kenyan Peasants League by participating in activities  geared towards the realization of above goals in your area.

The Kenyan Peasants League aspire to mobilize Kenyan Food Producers and Consumers one at a time into a strong Social Movement that will transform current Kenya’s Industrial and Export Oriented Food Production System to a Localized Food Production System based on Peasant Agroecology  

How to Start and Build a Kenyan Peasants League Cluster in your Village, Informal Settlement, Community or Area:

1. Believe and participate in Activities geared towards the realization of the above goals

2. Talk about the above goals to your Family, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, Workmates, Acquaintances etc

3. Invite your contacts at your home or neutral place for an informal discussion, dialogue or debate about the above goals  

4. Try and make sure that from the dialogue and debates there is adopted some form of Action Plan on achieving the above named goals

5. Continue the informal forums in your area: daily, weekly or bi-weekly and also actively engage members of your platform in activities that advance the realization o犀利士 f the above goals

6. Invite members of the Kenyan Peasants League Clusters near you to attend and address informal discussions, dialogue or debates to speak to you about the above goals   

7. Once you attain at least TEN people who subscribe to the above goals you can establish a Cluster, seek to network with other Kenyan Peasants League Clusters and contact the Kenyan Peasants League for formal recognition

You can start a Kenyan Peasants League Cluster simply by rallying at least TEN people to believe and champion the above goals

Become a Kenyan Peasants League member today!


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