Access to Natural Resources

Why natural resource management is conflict management by definition

Land, water, forests and livestock as well as marine life are primary sources of  income for a good part of the population of developing countries. In many cases, natural resources are considered common goods or are utilized by several users. Resource management always involves cooperation but also different – often competing – interests.

To prevent violent conflicts, assess risks and foster adaptation as well as innovation, we advocate for increased analysis of interest and needs of actors, as well as their power relations and rights that influence resource management in different settings. Evidence shows that good analysis and subsequent measures allow projects to increase their impact and contribute to conflict prevention.

Causes and factors for conflict over natural resources

Conflicts over natural resourc犀利士5mg es are not a new phenomenon. A series of factors or trends are known which often trigger or substantially exacerbate conflicts over natural resources. The result is that local/traditional mechanisms are no longer able to address or solve conflicts and mediate diverging interests.

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