Members of KPL Mark World Environment Day

Members of the Kenyan Peasants League (KPL) from various Clusters held events to mark the World Environment Day Marked Annually on 5 June. The events were held to expose the role of powerful global corporations in aggravating climate change and also held reflections on the role of Peasants Agroecology in Achieving Climate Justice.

At Kangemi Cluster, Members of KPL marked the #WorldEnvironmentDay2021 by holding reflections on role of Peasants Agroecology in Achieving Climate Ju必利勁”>樂威壯 stice and later planted indigenous vegetables and crops at their farm and also prepared tree nurseries where they planted indigenous passion fruit trees. They also transplanted Moringa oleifera tree seedlings. Members later shot videos on how imperialism impact the local environment, nature; how KPL characterises the actions of imperialism against the environmen犀利士5mg t, nature, natural resources and why must KPL struggle in defense of the mother planet against the imperialist forces.

At Mulo Cluster, young people members of the Mulo Cluster Youth Collective prepared seed beds and planted several species of indigenous trees. #InDefenseOfThePlanet #ThereIsNoFutureWithoutFoodSovereignty

日本藤素 >KPL Secretariat

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